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The gasket is made of paper, rubber sheet or copper sheet. It is a material placed between two planes to strengthen the sealing. The sealing element is arranged between the static sealing surfaces to prevent fluid leakage.


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Gasket Type

Gaskets can be divided into non-metallic gaskets, metal gaskets, and metal-non-metal composite gaskets according to their materials and structural characteristics. Each type can be subdivided into several categories.
Non-metallic gasket
Rubber gasket
Non-asbestos fiber rubber gasket
Flexible graphite metal composite gasket
PTFE gasket
PTFE coated gasket
Other types of non-metallic gaskets

Metal-nonmetal composite gasket

Wave gasket
Metal spiral wound gasket
Metal toothed composite gasket
Metal coated gasket
Metal corrugated composite gasket
Other types of metal composite gaskets

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The pulley is a simple machine used to lift heavy objects and save effort.
The pulley is a small wheel with grooves on the periphery and capable of rotating around an axis. A simple machine that can rotate around the central axis, which is composed of a grooved disc and a flexible cable (rope, tape, steel cable, chain, etc.) across the disc, is called a pulley.



1. The gasket and flange sealing surface should be cleaned, and there should be no scratches, spots and other defects that affect the sealing performance of the connection.
2. The pre-tightening force of the gasket should not exceed the design regulations, so as to prevent the gasket from being over-compressed and losing its resilience.


Pulley block

Pulley block: a pulley device composed of fixed pulleys and movable pulleys. It saves effort and can change the direction of the force, but it cannot save effort, because the pulley block saves effort, but it takes a lot of distance. In order to save and change the direction of power, the fixed pulley and the movable pulley can be combined into a pulley block.


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